Motorcycle Accident Often Result In the Death Of the Motorcyclist

Death on Wheels

Even though lawmakers are cracking down on laws regarding motorcyclists, there are still thousands of people who die from motorcycle accidents each year. In a study funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, researchers found various causes for motorcycle related accidents.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are a number of factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents. One of the most significant and life threatening factors is alcohol. Regardless of drunk driving campaigns,1500 motorcycle riders are killed each year.motorcycle accident attormneys

Speeding is another contributing factor in motorcycle crashes. Sometimes motorcyclists have an urge to put the pedal to the metal, but the end result could be deadly. For example, a motorcyclist could blow through a stop sign and cause a fatal accident. Motorcycles are also very sensitive, due to their small frame. Add speed into the mix and you’re in for a bad situation.

Negligence is another common culprit for motorcycle crashes and fatalities. Sometimes motorcycle riders put their ego above safety, by not wearing helmets. The good news is more and more states are reviewing and adopting safety legislation that mandates motorcycle riders to wear helmets. In a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration covering 10 states, helmet use dropped from 99% to 5 %. Motorists including truck, car, and motorcyclists are also paying less attention to the road because they’re too busy texting, or flipping through their radio dials. As technology continues to evolve, you’ll notice a surge in distracted driving cases. In one year, 5,474 people were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers. In addition an estimated 448,000 were injured.

By the numbers

In data collected by the Federal Highway Administration, 13% of all traffic fatalities included motorcyclists. Though the number of motorcycle related deaths decreased by 16%, there are still growing concerns regarding motorcycle safety. The NHTSA reports 106,000 motorcycles were involved in crashes that included property damage in one year. It also found that motorcyclists were 39 times more likely to die in a crash than passengers of a car.

Keep your head in the game

Now that you know of the dangerous and potentially life threatening risks associated with motorcycles, you’re going to want to play it safe. If you are a motorcycle driver or rider, you should always wear a helmet. This is especially the case as head injuries are one of the leading causes of death in motorcycle collisions. The NHTSA found that helmets are estimated to be 37 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries to motorcyclists. You can also reduce your recovery time, by simply putting on a helmet. According to the Traffic Safety Information Council, hospital stays are longer for motorists who do not wear helmets.motorcycle accident attorneys el paso

5 Tips to avoid and minimize the motorcycle accidents

There are simple steps any motorist can take to help reduce motorcycle accidents.

1. Motorcyclists can save their own life by putting on a helmet. Regardless of what the state law is, wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

2. Watching the road

All motorists should be conscious of the road, but it’s especially important when you add motorcycles to the mix. Distracted drivers could take their eyes off the road for two seconds to send a text message, only to find their car slammed into a motorcycle. Keeping your eyes on the road can save lives, no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

3. Stop Speeding

Speeding plays a significant role in a majority of fatal crashes. You might think it’s cool to drive as fast as you can down the highway, but it won’t be so cool once you see your life flashing before your eyes. Slow down and be conscious of other motorists around you.

4. Dump the Drinks

The number of alcohol-related deaths is on the rise. This accounts for motorcycle drivers as well. If you plan on driving, then you should plan on being sober for the night. Always put safety first.

5. Awareness

Motorcycle accidents decreased by 16 %, as reported by the NHTSA. This has been attributed to public safety awareness campaigns, among other factors. Education is an important tool for all drivers, especially when your talking about somebody’s life at risk.

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Drunk driver accident attorneys may have heard of excuses for highway accidents, but reckless driving is not one that they take second thoughts at seeking justice for.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study reveals that 33% of road accidents are associated with drivers under the influence of alcohol, while more than 1,000 deaths are recorded because of it. personal injury lawyers

Vehicular accidents brought about by drivers under the influence of alcohol occur in as little as a 32-minute interval, and injuring many innocent victims as a result. Given these facts, it takes the legal aid of lawyers to recover damages that irresponsible driving has impacted on your life.

In some instances, it is not easy to point the accusing finger at the person accountable for a drunk driving accident. It is very vital to collect evidence to prove the influence of alcohol on the driver. Evidence like video tapes to show drunkenness, amount of alcohol in the bloodstream or the smell of alcohol from the driver will need to be acquired.

Regardless of whose fault it is, it would be appropriate for the injured party to seek justice, especially if this road accident involves larger vehicles.

Big rigs do a tremendous amount of damage if they are involved in an accident. If you are in a collision involving a semi, you should definitely consider consulting tractor trailer accident attorney law firms so you will know how to attain the rightful entitlements for you.

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When representing the victim in a drunk driving accident, drunk driver accident attorneys seek for proper compensation for damages and loss as well as action against the driver.

Proper legal services include the investigation of the liability of the drunk driver, as well as the restaurant or bar where the driver has been before the occurrence of the accident. They also work at maximizing your claims regarding the financial aid that you deserve. Car Accident Attorneys

Your lawyer will require you to be part of an in-depth discussion about the drunk driver’s liability, the possible damages, third party liability and alcohol intoxication. All these elements toward making and pursuing a case are required to be done by your lawyer, but need you to be assertive about your case, too.

The assistance of drunk driver car accident attorneys can answer your woes regarding the legal processes involved as you seek to be justly compensated. While there is no guaranteeing as to who wins the case, have the heart to fight for your rights. Seek appropriate settlements as may be necessary.