Probate Litigation

Wichita Falls Probate Litigation Lawyers

Texas Will Contest Attorneys Protect Your Rights in Probate Litigation

Has a sudden will contest, proof of heirs dispute, breach of fiduciary duty, quarrel about descent distribution or disagreement over undue influence divided your Texas family, and turned an otherwise routine estate administration into a probate litigation battleground?

The skilled probate lawyers who can step in and restore order to your family’s estate administration or probate proceedings are in Wichita Falls: Banner, Briley & White.

Our attorneys handle all types of probate litigation, filing lawsuits and defending against challenges for clients in the Wichita Falls area and throughout the north Texas region. We have also represented individuals in circumstances where there is no will, or a mysterious last-minute change to a will, and a dispute arises as to whether a person laying a claim to an inheritance is actually a family member.

Our experience in handling difficult probate disputes allows us to balance the importance of privacy and discretion against the need to resort to the very public nature of court proceedings.

Contact us to discuss your probate matter with a Banner, Briley & White lawyer, free of charge.

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Probate Litigation

Decades of Experience in Wichita Falls, Throughout Texas and in Oklahoma

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s debts are paid and assets are distributed upon her or his death. As straightforward as that sounds, family members often find themselves in disagreement over the interpretation, administration and management of estates and trusts.

In addition to disputes between family members and other beneficiaries, probate litigation frequently involves personal representatives of estates who are thought to be lying, cheating or stealing from the estate — behavior known in legal terms as breach of fiduciary duty.

As attorneys who welcome every opportunity to pursue justice for our clients, we can work with executors, trustees, beneficiaries and personal representatives toward the most positive possible outcome. Individuals, families and business owners in north Texas know they can trust us to “do the right thing” for their futures.

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Witness Preparation

Experienced Trial Lawyers Show You How to Prepare for Testimony

When civil, commercial or probate litigation interrupts your life and work routine, and the stakes are too high to accept anything less than a positive outcome, you need the proven legal leadership of Texas trial attorneys who emphasize on witness preparation.

Our witness preparation practice at Banner, Briley & White in Wichita Falls, is a personal service asset for our litigation clients that serves an important legal function, and can work to your advantage at trial. Our attorneys want your witnesses to be able to offer credible, compelling statements during depositions, and that resonate with juries.

We employ a trial consultant who prepares potential witnesses for litigation involving personal injury claims from motor vehicle accidents; product liability claims; property accident injury; nursing home abuse and neglect; medical malpractice and EMTALA violations cases; catastrophic injuries stemming from any accident caused by negligence; real estate disputes; business disputes; high net worth divorce and probate matters.

Contact us in Wichita Falls for sound guidance in the witness preparation phase of your upcoming trial. We can help. Call Banner, Briley & White toll free at 866-492-9554.

Banner, Briley & White— Effective Witness Preparation for Critical Court Cases

Success or failure at witness preparation can mean the difference between winning and losing a case. It is basically the process of judging witnesses on credibility, accuracy of memory, command of talking points, likeable personality type and mental agility. We encourage witnesses to be secure in their knowledge of their role in a legal matter, ready for any change of direction in a line of questioning and the ability to appear trustworthy to jurors.

When a courtroom resolution is the difference between business profit and loss, ownership of a family inheritance or the solution to a real estate boundary dispute, your witnesses should know what they are talking about. You can have complete confidence in our witness preparation practice at Banner, Briley & White – serving people like you, with families and commercial interests like yours.

Wichita Falls Attorneys for EMTALA Representation

Wichita Falls Attorneys for EMTALA Representation

Texas Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act Lawyers

If your visit to a Texas hospital’s emergency room resulted in your being “dumped” as a patient because you were without medical insurance — and you could not pay for treatment at another hospital — you may be able to pursue legal action against the hospital for its EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) violation.

And our lawyers will pursue justice for you, just as we have for a broad range of medical negligence, personal injury and wrongful death victims in north Texas.

We are the attorneys of Banner, Briley & White in Wichita Falls. We use our legal skills and client commitment to work for a better world, one case at a time. Our personal injury and medical malpractice law firm was founded on the concept of the legal profession as a helping profession – helping people victimized by the neglect, carelessness and abuse of others.

EMTALA law in Texas requires hospitals to provide a medical examination to any patient who enters its emergency room. If you have an emergency medical condition or are an expectant mother in active labor, the hospital must treat you with available staff and facilities. If the hospital is unable to do so, your condition must be stabilized before you are transferred to another hospital that has space for you, qualified staff on hand to treat you, and agrees to your transfer to its facility.

When a hospital in Greater Wichita Falls or north Texas violates EMTALA law, and you or a family member is victimized by a failure to treat, please report this to our Banner, Briley & White law offices immediately.

Our toll-free number is 866-492-9554. We will respond promptly to your e-mail or fax message.

Working to Build a Better World, One Case at a Time

Hospitals can violate EMTALA by inadequately screening a patient and failing to detect his or her illness or injury; and by failure to stabilize a patient before transfer or release.

EMTALA violations can result in civil penalties against the hospital and the doctor who approved a patient’s transfer, or refused treatment. Patients caught in the middle of these situations can bring an action against the hospital, and possibly against the physician. Some jurisdictions do not recognize a private cause of action against doctors.

Hospital emergency rooms are required by law to adhere to a standard of care, including fidelity to the requirements of EMTALA. The practice of dumping patients on other hospitals is illegal. Protect your rights, starting today, by notifying our Banner, Briley & White law firm if the injury or illness for which you sought treatment was overlooked by emergency room administration for insurance purposes.