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Litigation creates winners and losers. That’s the nature of the process, and the reason why most disputes — over a serious personal injury, business contract or any other issue — often settle before trial or during the trial itself.

In real life, any lawyer who tells you that he or she has never lost a case either doesn’t try many cases, or isn’t telling the truth. And if they’re not willing to tell the truth about that, you can be sure they haven’t learned much from their experiences.

At Banner, Briley & White, we can tell you that our lawyers have been trying cases for so many years that they have, in fact, lost a few. However, what’s important is that, as a firm, we have learned something valuable from every case we have lost.

More important, we take that knowledge with us into court every day and use it to the advantage of our current clients whenever it applies.

Litigation can be confusing, especially if you have never been involved in a lawsuit. If you have questions about the litigation process, contact an experienced trial lawyer at Banner, Briley & White in Wichita Falls. Call toll free: 866-492-9554.

Civil Litigation

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Our firm handles a wide variety of civil disputes and litigation in state and federal courts. These matters include breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty claims in business disputes, will contests that become probate litigation, real estate disputes, employment law cases, equine law/horse racing litigation and more. Because we are full-service in our litigation practice and thorough in our readiness for trial, we employ a trial consultant to assist with witness preparation.

When we are not aggressively litigating on behalf of our clients, we are educating them on how to avoid the unnecessary costs and wasted energies that litigation can cause. We have to share our knowledge of risk management and litigation avoidance, or we wouldn’t be doing our jobs. As few true winners as there are in this arena, you need to know when to pick your battles, especially on those occasions when use of a courtroom simply isn’t worth it.

For straight talk about litigation, negotiation, arbitration, mediation or any method of dispute resolution that can produce the practical, lasting results you need, come to Banner, Briley & White.