Representation For Traffic Tickets, DUI, And Related Criminal Charges

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Representation For Traffic Tickets, DUI, And Related Criminal Charges

Anyone can suddenly get charged with drunk driving, speeding or another traffic offense. Simply pleading guilty and dealing with the charges is not always the best way to proceed. You should talk with an attorney before talking to the police and agreeing to make statements that could negatively impact your future.

Our firm handles criminal defense in the area. We take an aggressive approach to defend our clients and are proactive in gathering evidence that can support their defense.

One of the biggest benefits of working with our firm is past experience as a prosecutor. We are familiar with the prosecution’s tactics, and motives and can develop a defense strategy knowing the steps the prosecution is likely to take.

DUI, Drug Crimes, And Traffic Violations

Most of the criminal cases we handle involve drunk driving (sometimes called DUI or DWI), traffic violations and drug crimes. If you or your child has been charged, the next step to take is to contact our law firm.

We routinely defend individuals facing charges involving:

Reckless driving
Driving on suspended license/driving without a license
Drug possession
DUI/drunk driving

We can also provide advice on dealing with criminal issues that relate to divorce or family law.

Get In Touch To Discuss Your Criminal Charges

If you value aggressive representation from an experienced defense lawyer, work with our firm. You can call the office to book your first consultation.

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