Distracted Driver Accident Lawyers

Wichita Falls Distracted Driver Accident Lawyers

Experienced Texas Driver Texting Accident Attorneys

No cellphone conversation or “smartphone” text message is more important than the lives of the drivers around you on busy north Texas highways.

When you become a victim of the distracted driving epidemic, sustaining serious or catastrophic injuries in a violent collision, you should contact the experienced, client-committed personal injury lawyers of Banner, Briley & White. We can help.

Our Wichita Falls distracted driver accident attorneys will aggressively protect your rights and work hard for the financial compensation you deserve. After all, your expenses are piling up while you attempt to recover from the avoidable car accident that injured you: missing wages from time off the job, medical bills coming at you from every direction, car or truck repair costs, and many more.

The compassionate representation we provide, the firm grasp of Texas personal injury and wrongful death law we display, the attentive personal service we insist upon, the maximum availability to your questions and concerns throughout the legal process — every full-service feature we offer is just a phone call away, to 866-492-9554, toll free.

We can also be reached by e-mail or fax message. When you do, you will be communicating with north Texas lawyers who view the legal profession as a helping profession — lawyers who truly care about your rights, your physical and emotional well-being, and your future.

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Injured in a Cellphone Accident? Banner, Briley & White Can Help.

Distracted driving can be a major factor in injury accidents such as:

  • Car accidents
  • Fatal car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Accidents on dangerous highways, or in dangerous weather
  • Accidents that kill or injure passengers
  • Accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents

Distracted Driver Accident

Lack of enforcement of distracted driving laws, in the few jurisdictions to enact them, doesn’t help matters. This lack of resolve only makes cellphone and text message abusers feel even more entitled to their selfish behavior, at the expense of your safety. At Banner, Briley & White, we hold the negligent accountable — in a court of law if necessary. We feel that the careless, distracted driver and his or her insurer should have to surrender full financial compensation for all that you have endured.

Our law firm is all about your comfort and convenience. That is why we deliver our quality legal services on a contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

Wichita Falls Attorneys for EMTALA Representation

Wichita Falls Attorneys for EMTALA Representation

Texas Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act Lawyers

If your visit to a Texas hospital’s emergency room resulted in your being “dumped” as a patient because you were without medical insurance — and you could not pay for treatment at another hospital — you may be able to pursue legal action against the hospital for its EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) violation.

And our lawyers will pursue justice for you, just as we have for a broad range of medical negligence, personal injury and wrongful death victims in north Texas.

We are the attorneys of Banner, Briley & White in Wichita Falls. We use our legal skills and client commitment to work for a better world, one case at a time. Our personal injury and medical malpractice law firm was founded on the concept of the legal profession as a helping profession – helping people victimized by the neglect, carelessness and abuse of others.

EMTALA law in Texas requires hospitals to provide a medical examination to any patient who enters its emergency room. If you have an emergency medical condition or are an expectant mother in active labor, the hospital must treat you with available staff and facilities. If the hospital is unable to do so, your condition must be stabilized before you are transferred to another hospital that has space for you, qualified staff on hand to treat you, and agrees to your transfer to its facility.

When a hospital in Greater Wichita Falls or north Texas violates EMTALA law, and you or a family member is victimized by a failure to treat, please report this to our Banner, Briley & White law offices immediately.

Our toll-free number is 866-492-9554. We will respond promptly to your e-mail or fax message.

Working to Build a Better World, One Case at a Time

Hospitals can violate EMTALA by inadequately screening a patient and failing to detect his or her illness or injury; and by failure to stabilize a patient before transfer or release.

EMTALA violations can result in civil penalties against the hospital and the doctor who approved a patient’s transfer, or refused treatment. Patients caught in the middle of these situations can bring an action against the hospital, and possibly against the physician. Some jurisdictions do not recognize a private cause of action against doctors.

Hospital emergency rooms are required by law to adhere to a standard of care, including fidelity to the requirements of EMTALA. The practice of dumping patients on other hospitals is illegal. Protect your rights, starting today, by notifying our Banner, Briley & White law firm if the injury or illness for which you sought treatment was overlooked by emergency room administration for insurance purposes.

Nursing Home

Wichita Falls Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Texas Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Pursue Justice for Your Senior Loved One

Is your elderly loved one suffering from pressure sores, repeated falls or other signs of abuse or neglect in a north Texas or Oklahoma nursing home?

If your senior resident of a nursing home or assisted living center appears to be suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, infections, burns or assault, these are indignities that cannot be explained away by staffing and training deficiencies in a facility. Your family has rights that must be protected, and we are just the law firm to protect them — Banner, Briley & White in Wichita Falls.

Contact us immediately if you fear that nursing home abuse or neglect is victimizing your vulnerable relative or family friend. Call toll free to 866-492-9554. You may also e-mail or fax us.

Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers for Wichita Falls, Throughout Texas and Oklahoma

Evidence of nursing home abuse and neglect is rarely obvious, but frequently can be proved by showing patterns of questionable staff behavior, poor living conditions and injuries to the resident that are unexplained, or are inconsistent with his or her condition, such as:

  • A combination of new and old injuries
  • Cuts, lacerations, puncture wounds, bruises, welts, discoloration
  • Any injury that looks like it may have been caused by cigarettes, caustics, acids, friction from ropes or chains, or contact with other objects
  • Poorly treated or untreated injuries
  • Injuries in areas usually covered by clothing
  • Poor skin condition, poor skin hygiene or lice
  • Absence of hair and/or hemorrhage below the scalp
  • Dehydration or malnutrition that is unrelated to illness
  • Loss of weight
  • Soiled clothing or bedding
  • Inadequate clothing
  • Depression or withdrawal
  • Hesitation to talk openly
  • Fearfulness of caregivers
  • Confusing or contradictory statements by an otherwise competent senior
  • Resignation or denial
  • Implausible explanations of injuries or conditions
  • Unexplained agitation
  • Denial of an injured state

Nursing Home Negligence

If your loved one is a victim of neglect or abuse, or preyed upon by financial abuse in a nursing home or residential facility, there are probably other residents who are also being neglected or abused. In fact, there is probably a continuing pattern of neglect at the facility. Its history of violations of both federal and state law can show this pattern. Our firm aggressively investigates records of these facilities and pursues justice for you against all forms of neglect, abuse and assault.

Banner, Briley & White nursing home client families have enough on their minds without needing to deal with concerns over the cost of quality legal representation. We extend to you a contingency fee basis for our work that requires you to pay no attorney fee unless we win your case — and a settlement damage award that you approve. Our lawyers prefer to expedite a negotiated outcome that reflects your loved one’s pain and suffering, and your financial losses, but we will not hesitate to aggressively protect your rights in court, if necessary.