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Were you seriously injured on dangerous property in Greater Wichita Falls, elsewhere in Texas or in Oklahoma?

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Our lawyers have represented many individuals who have been injured by falls, slips and other premises liability hazards in north Texas. Our goal in these cases is to assist you in bringing your personal injury claim, and to see that you are fairly compensated for your injuries, so you can recoup accident-related expenses.

We only accept cases we believe in, and we fight hard from start to finish for those we represent. We are a different kind of law firm — one that views our profession as a helping profession. Help us to help you hold negligent property owners accountable for their carelessness. Contact Banner, Briley & White for a free initial consultation at this toll-free phone number: 866-492-9554.

Wichita Falls Property Accident Attorneys

Premises liability cases involve a wide variety of accidents, including:

  • Products falling from store shelves
  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents on slick or icy walkways
  • Unmarked walking hazards in retail establishments
  • Unmarked work and construction zones
  • Accidental drownings in swimming pools
  • Injuries caused by falling trees or branches
  • Holes or large cracks on property
  • Uneven curbs and sidewalks
  • Malfunctioning elevators or escalators
  • Stairwells or stairways in need of repair
  • “Attractive nuisances” that injure curious children
  • Apartment or mobile home fires

Injuries and assaults directly connected to inadequate security measures by landlords, property owners or property managers

Property Accident

A property owner’s negligence with security measures can lead to assaults, robbery, sexual assault and homicide. Factors that can contribute to these criminal activities include failure to maintain reliable security guard operations, shortcuts in hiring and screening, inadequate training needs and supervision, and inadequate alarm systems.

Negligent security lawsuits can stem from incidents at residential or commercial buildings, shopping centers and parking facilities, hotels and casinos, amusement parks, airports, health care facilities, nightclubs and bars, and universities and public schools.

Regardless of the type of negligence that resulted in serious injury to you, our attorneys can help, beginning with your free initial consultation. Contact our Wichita Falls lawyers for the quality representation you need and the attentive personal service you deserve during this difficult time in your life.

Our firm handles property accident cases exclusively on a contingency fee basis. It costs you nothing to get us started on your case. We collect an attorney fee only if you receive compensation from those responsible for your injuries.