Probate Litigation

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Texas Will Contest Attorneys Protect Your Rights in Probate Litigation

Has a sudden will contest, proof of heirs dispute, breach of fiduciary duty, quarrel about descent distribution or disagreement over undue influence divided your Texas family, and turned an otherwise routine estate administration into a probate litigation battleground?

The skilled probate lawyers who can step in and restore order to your family’s estate administration or probate proceedings are in Wichita Falls: Banner, Briley & White.

Our attorneys handle all types of probate litigation, filing lawsuits and defending against challenges for clients in the Wichita Falls area and throughout the north Texas region. We have also represented individuals in circumstances where there is no will, or a mysterious last-minute change to a will, and a dispute arises as to whether a person laying a claim to an inheritance is actually a family member.

Our experience in handling difficult probate disputes allows us to balance the importance of privacy and discretion against the need to resort to the very public nature of court proceedings.

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Probate Litigation

Decades of Experience in Wichita Falls, Throughout Texas and in Oklahoma

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s debts are paid and assets are distributed upon her or his death. As straightforward as that sounds, family members often find themselves in disagreement over the interpretation, administration and management of estates and trusts.

In addition to disputes between family members and other beneficiaries, probate litigation frequently involves personal representatives of estates who are thought to be lying, cheating or stealing from the estate — behavior known in legal terms as breach of fiduciary duty.

As attorneys who welcome every opportunity to pursue justice for our clients, we can work with executors, trustees, beneficiaries and personal representatives toward the most positive possible outcome. Individuals, families and business owners in north Texas know they can trust us to “do the right thing” for their futures.